Monday, September 20, 2010


Would you like a glimpse into how quiet my life usually is?  Let's look at Sunday afternoon. We're all relaxing after church, and a nice lunch of Spanish Rice.  I made chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

(still have a lot of pumpkin from the garden to go through!)
 and Devin is working on grilled cheese sandwiches and rice pudding for dinner.  The girls were playing...

...and this is what I wish my life looked like all the time. If I fooled you into thinking this is typical, I apologize.  I do appreciate it whenever I get it.  (Listen closely to what Hallie is saying, there are some real gems in there.)

What do you like to do on Sunday afternoons?


  1. No pressure or anything Amy, but you make my day happier whenever I read a new blog or see a posting on facebook! Almost like when Ken was on his mission and I got a weekly email! It makes me feel much more connected. Thanks!

  2. SO CUTE. "Oh, I love those guys!" Awww! I must say though that Uncle Brandon got a bit of the shaft. Haha. And the other uncles, too, but at least they had wives to get a shout out. I am so impressed by Hallie's "work." And haha I thought it was funny that when Hanna made her toy fall on the floor, instead of you picking it up and putting it back on the fridge for her, you walked away to go see Hallie. Haha. Hanna didn't seem to mind!! Um . . . can you mail me some cookies? Okay, just send me the recipe. I've never made them from an actual pumpkin instead of a can of pumpkin.

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  4. It's a tradition in our house to come home from church, eat spaghetti, and take a nap. I saw pumpkin cookies at the store in Idaho and thought, "Eww. Pumpkin?" Yeah... definitely one of the most DELICIOUS things I've ever had in my mouth! (They were mini pumpkin chocolate chip sandwiches, with frosting in the middle. Mmmmmmm...)

  5. You fortunante momma! They play so well by themselves!. I must say though, I do get them all to nap after a good lunch and a few minutes of play on Sundays, and they sleep for good three hours! Church is draining!

  6. Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you