Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

A few days ago Hallie wanted to ride her bike.  By bike, she means the tricycle that our friendly neighbor in Peoria gave to us over a year ago.  It has a long pole in the back so that you can push your child if they are not yet ready for the pedals, and the steering mechanism has a lock so it does not turn and wobble if you are pushing them.  When Hallie was first given this tricycle, she wasn't even 18 months old yet, and her feet came nowhere close to even reaching the pedals, let alone knowing how to push them.  So, we used the pole and pushed her around. A lot.

Fast forward to the aforementioned few days ago.  It's a good thing I'm fast and knew where the camera was, because I don't always get these first moments recorded:

And as I ran to get the camera, and jumped and clapped and cheered and possibly cried, I thought, "Wait a minute..."

Hanna started crawling yesterday.  She had been doing the rocker baby stance for a while now, and we had been encouraging her and hoping that each day would be the day, and finally yesterday she went for it.  As I was watching a recording of her doing the rocker baby that I took a few weeks ago, I thought, "Wait a minute..."

I spend so much time encouraging and applauding my babies' small efforts.  Then I sit around and worry that I am not good at anything.  Maybe I need to just scale it back, and cheer for myself when I do the little things that I can do!  We have only recently jumped on the American Idol bandwagon, watching the last two seasons, but I think that I have had my very own Simon Cowell inside my head for a long time.

Well, he's off the show now, and it's time to evict his attitude from my life. I may not be David Archuleta or anything like that, but it's time I stopped letting that attitude keep me from doing anything.  To some God gave two talents, and to some He gave five.  It doesn't matter how many He gives you, it only matters what you do with what has been given.  I've always known that, but I guess it took a two year old on a tricycle, and a crawling baby to really bring it home to me.

And thanks for all your kind comments as I've explored my ideas on Pride and Potential. 


  1. Ames, you are so cute. did you know that back at purdue i used to wish i was you? cause you could do so many more things than me, and did all of it better. then i realized i have great things about me too. not just you. but you do have great things about you! i know your are probably scoffing as you read this, thinking i am just saying it...but its true. and i love that you're realizing it! i mean...i may have taught you how to be cool (yeah, right! lets get real), but you taught me how to kiss...(that still sounds so awkward. lol)

    love you!

  2. That is a wonderful realization, and I think we all need to remember it every now and then when we are just being too hard on ourselves.

    My nieces are so amazingly talented!!

    David Archuleta is amazing, too. :)