Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zoom, Zoom.

So, I never really got the whole "zoom-zoom" thing as an advertisement. I even thought the little whisper at the end was super-creepy.  Because of all that I didn't have much to do with Mazda. We are a GM family, after all.  (I'm still proud of it.)  However, all that changed two weeks ago when I became the official owner of my very own Mazda.  ZOOM ZOOM, indeed.

"Hi, I'm 2 going on Legal-driving-age.  Want to friend me on facebook?"
 "Ok, really, I am still just two."

 And, because it's been so long since you've seen any pictures, I know you all want a peek at Hanna:
"Huh. So that's where I put my foot."

Now that I am footloose and fancy free, I can go wherever, whenever. Just like Shakira.  Awesome.


  1. Welcome to the world of minivans : )

  2. I really wish that I lived in that 2nd house there across the street in your neighborhood and I could get a little mini-van too, or I could just take drives in yours and we could all be happy in our little neighborhood with the trees and the kids and the sidewalks, and all that, and all that.

    I'm glad Hanna has found her foot. What would the world be like if she never did!?

    I looked for you on Skype that one night that you said you'd be lonely, but alas, no amy! Do you have your phone back yet? If so, we chat.

  3. Love it! Zoom, zoom indeed. Now you and I both have one GM car and one not GM car. Let's blame the non GM part on our husbands. K? Haha. :) K.

    Um, Hallie is gorgeous!!!! Sigh. I hope she has it easy with boy troubles. They're trouble!!

    And I love the pictures of Hanna. She's getting so big.


  4. I second Mimi. Hallie is so beautiful. i mean really. she is gonna break some hearts! and her hair is so long...AND i am so so so excited to meet hanna this week. 3 days and i will be at your house. can you believe it?!