Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cave Dweller

You'll think that I must live in a cave when you are done reading this post.  Or maybe under a rock. Or on Mars.  Put me wherever you want, but it must be some place far from the reaches of popular culture, or whatever they call it.

I don't own a smart phone.  I have never used DVR.  It's possible that I have never sent a text message.  I had to have a friend explain "BubbleBoy" to me when I kept hearing people talk about it and couldn't figure it out.  I finally googled Susan Boyle, again when I couldn't figure out who she was that everyone kept talking about.  (Pretty amazing, though.)

I don't tell you all this because I think it makes me great or wonderful.  I don't think it makes me anything except, well, just me.  The reason I tell you this is because I just stumbled upon an ENTIRE WORLD that I never knew existed.  Have you ever heard of the Bloggernacle?  Me either, until about a week ago.  You may have noticed the new buttons on the side of my blog.  That's because I just discovered NieNie, her sister C Jane, and even more recently, on the other end of the spectrum, the blog Seriously, So Blessed.  (I do not list these blogs as any sort of endorsement, or recommendation. I'm still trying to figure out what I think of them myself.  Read at your own discretion.)

So is it possible to be part of something you didn't even know existed?  I wonder.  I am certainly a mom, I am LDS, a Latter Day Saint, if you will.  I am a Word of Wisdom following, temple attending, three hours of church meeting going full fledged active, involved member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I write on my blog about my family, and what my life is like.  What does that make me?

All I know is that while I came fairly recently to this blogging scene, I started doing it for a few reasons: I wanted to have a way to keep my family and friends updated on my life without having to send out long, bothersome emails.  (Remember how much you hated those?)  The other reason I write a blog is because I always have words in my head floating around, forming themselves into sentences and demanding to be put down somewhere. I used to write them in an ordinary spiral bound notebook.  I still do that sometimes, but this is much more satisfying, because, of course, I get to hear your comments - which totally validate me.  (That's for you, Seriously So Blessed.)

So, whether you consider me to be a part of the Bloggernacle, whether you consider yourself to be a part of it, and even if you've never even heard of it, I'll continue writing my thoughts and experiences, here, and posting pictures of my family.  I hope you do the same, because I also love reading and commenting on your blog.  If you have one.

And now, go watch the video of Susan Boyle if you've never seen it.  If you have seen it, just watch it again.  It's that inspiring.  (and if it bothers you when they look down on her at the beginning, just wait. She gets hers.)


  1. I'm a seriously so blessed reader. I started when we lived in Provo last year, which made the whole thing way more applicable and funny. I found it through a newspaper article, which is a little ironic to me. Her earlier stuff--through the pregnancy and right after the twins were born--I think was better writing that what we're seeing now. I still laugh out loud though! And I totally validate her too, as well as hope to win a GiVeAwAy someday soon!

  2. Seriously So Blessed is hilarious!! I've been reading it for awhile, and it just cracks me up. When you have time, go back and read her stuff from the beginning. So funny!!

    There's your validation from me. Thanks for the validation you give me : ).

  3. Ames, I'm right there with you in the same cave. I've heard of Seriously So Blessed, but since I can't handle Mormon comedy movies, I figured this one might not be my favorite either. But, I've never tried it, so, what are you going to do? So, are you a reader of that now? You'll have to let me know what you think.

    I'm so glad that you blog, honey. So So GLAD. It makes me miss you less and more all at the same time. I love your head.

    Bye now!

  4. I can't believe I didn't introduce you to the Bloggernacle when you were here! I practically live in the Bloggernacle. I've been reading Seriously, So Blessed since before then. How could I not introduce you to it??! I agree with Elizabeth that her earlier writing was better.

    CJane I don't think I'll be able to get into. Not after her horribly naive post about feminism. I'm sure I shouldn't judge her based on one post, but that's just the way it is (and again, the time factor).

    For more doctrine-y as well as Mormon cultural discussions you might enjoy By Common Consent. I, personally, enjoy Feminist Mormon Housewives (fMh). If anyone reading is a more ardent Mormon Feminist, you'll enjoy Exponent II as well. (I love it - it's so thought-provoking, but I have a friend who thinks the ideas run on the "apostate" side.) Mormon Matters is great for wide-ranging variety (some posts/authors I enjoy, some I don't). Beginnings New is an amazing blog for those serving in YW (I read it, even though I'm not in YW).

    If you're into podcasts, check out Mormon Stories with John Dehlin or Mormon Expression (warning: these explore a wide gamut of Mormonism and guests range from those who are strongly believing members to Mormons who are disaffected and everything in between. If that's not your cup of tea, then I suggest you avoid them. If you're interested in hearing a wide range of views on the Church and doctrine, then you'll probably enjoy them.)

    I don't consider my personal blog to be part of the Bloggernacle, since I don't have a focus on discussing Mormonism in any form really, but I definitely participate in the Bloggernacle (albeit usually in the shadows as a lurker and rare commenter).

    My favorite thing about the Bloggernacle: it's all about big-tent Mormonism and everyone can find something that fits them and their current needs. I'd say it definitely had a role in keeping me active in the Church during my post-partum crisis of faith.

  5. Oh, gosh, I didn't realize how long that got. Sorry! I hope it's not overwhelming. I just can't help sharing my love of the Bloggernacle!

  6. Every time you say "bloggernacle." my head thinks of "juggernaut." Haha. I'm not sure why. I wonder how many of my friends have heard of the bloggernacle, because it seems like a lot of your friends (and least the commenters so far do).

  7. I guess I am a cave woman too! Never have heard of the bloggernacle or seriously so blessed or any of these blogs! I'll have to check them out. I'm more of crafting blogger.
    I did stumble onto the awesome validation video yesterday and so I just want you to know that I have been enjoying being friends with you through our blogs and I really appreciate your comments on my silly little posts!

  8. Oh, I just remembered another one I'm sure you all will love: Soooo hilarious and well-written! Yes, I spend way too much time in the bloggernacle.