Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inside the Lines

A while ago I made Hallie some alphabet flash cards to play with. I know, I know, I'm such a nerd. That's not the point here today. A few days ago I decided to make her some number flash cards that we can play games with, too. She's pretty good at her numbers, but I thought it would be fun. (Nerd.) So I made these ones really big, a full half sheet of paper for each number. I left them empty on the inside because I wanted to color them in myself (save on ink) and then I was going to laminate them. Hallie wanted to color something the other day and saw them and before I could stop her she had grabbed them and commenced coloring. Well, I figured they were for her anyway, so why not let her scribble all over them? My eyes bugged out of my head (almost literally) when she showed me her finished product, and my goodness, you could tell she was proud of herself. Not nearly half as proud as I was when I saw:
Good job, Hallie!  I've never said a word to her about drawing inside the lines, I just assumed she was too young to care about that, but obviously I was wrong.

That same day (this was Friday) she began doing what Devin calls her "editing".  This is from a homework assignment I turned in in seventh grade. Yes, I realize that was a while ago.  (Nerd.)

Now, when we call her for dinner or to come get ready for bed she likes to tell us, "I'm almost done.  Need two more minutes." and, my favorite, because I hear my own voice so clearly echoed in hers when she says it, the classic, "I'm coming."  Can you believe she's only two?

What really gets me about this also is that just two days before we had gone to the library for toddler story time and she had colored a birthday cake (she made two, she told me one was for her, and one was for Jill Bean.)  She had colored it all over, green, yellow, purple, in a delicious, two year old crayon-ic mess.  Two days later she is very carefully putting all of her scribbles inside the lines.

Oh, my baby is growing up.


  1. So adorable she has started to color in the lines. And I've felt like Emily was growing up to fast before, too, like when she went from screaming on her way to bed one night to squeezing her eyes shut the next.

  2. They do grow up so fast and change from one day to another. I am very impressed by her coloring skills.

  3. I am so impressed that she is coloring in the lines. At restaurants, people always offer Jill crayons, haha. She'd just eat 'em at this point. :) Jill loves that Hallie colored her a picture!!

  4. she is totally your daughter. excellent skill.