Monday, May 31, 2010

My Backyard part 1

Welcome to my Backyard!
part 1.
This was taken in early spring, just a few weeks after we first moved in.  Let's say the end of March?

Just because I know you've been dying to see what my backyard looks like.


  1. I think it is cute that she wanted GranB to sing "Twinkle." :) Love your yard!!

  2. I can't wait for part 2. Your little Amy Boling hand-tools have done amazing things, I'm sure. Have I mentioned that I've been fighting down huge waves of jealousy for my friends with houses and yards lately? Yeah, it's real jealousy. I've never really struggled a lot with that before. But, I AM happy for YOU. It looks like so much fun. Your girls are adorable and I'll be over to visit in 30 minutes, so get ready. ha ha.

  3. First off, I miss you and your cute girls :-) Secondly, love the yard! I'm really excited for you! Okay now on to your question that you left on my blog! Soo most nights for ME (not really so much for Danny) he cries. I just let him cry. In the past 2 months that we've had the toddler bed, i can probably count on my hand the number of times i've gone in there and he's actually in his bed. So basically we have a little routine. We read our scriptures and say our prayers get ready for bed stuff (we're trying to potty train so we sit on the potty for a few minutes so he can't use "poop" as an excuse) Then I go in there and we rock for one song on his cd. Then i kiss him tell him i love him and usually tell him what we are going to do the next day (that usually helps). Then I lay him in his bed, and he'll cry. I shut the door and he cries and cries and I just let him, if he cries longer than an hour i/we go in there and say in a firm voice, Ben it's time to go to bed now, then in a calm voice we love you, now go to sleep. You might just have to try and let her cry it out. That's what we have to do, she'll eventually fall asleep (i think lol) Sorry this is really lengthy. I miss you :-) your friend,

  4. I'm sure it will look amazing when you are done with it! I got the flower bed done on Monday and was thinking about you! I had Ethan in a bouncer, Dylan helping, and Lauren taking a nap. It brought back lots of fun memories! BTW, Halie is so cute!