Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bread Snob

Around here, Devin is more than just the breadwinner.  He is also the bread baker.  On a side note, while he does bring home the bacon symbolically speaking, he is sadly bring-home-bacon-less in the literal sense.  Go ahead.  Take a moment to pity me.  I can take it.

I return now to my purpose: When we first got married he typically made two loaves of bread a week.  Many changes have come to our family since then, but one reliable constant has been that Devin still bakes our bread.  About a year ago he taught me to bake bread, and I do it occasionally, but the undisputed award for best bread will always go to Devin in this household.  Or until the girls get old enough to challenge him. Which may happen sooner than you'd think:
Yes, it truly is what you think it is: Hallie kneading the dough for a loaf of bread.

Hallie, in the short, tender years that she has been with us, has become somewhat of a bread snob.  It's totally not our fault, it's just thanks to the fact that we always seem to have fresh bread coming out of the oven.  For not only does Devin bake a loaf of bread or two a week, we also have various types of bread throughout the week depending on what a particular meal calls for.  So, we have dinner rolls, or he makes pita bread, or tortillas, or garlic bread, or english muffins, or bagels, or whatever the occasion calls for, we have it.  And we have it piping hot, fresh out of the oven.  Can you see where this would lead a young, innocent such as Hallie?  She now tends to refuse any bread if it isn't fresh fresh FRESH.

So of course, to spare the people in her future it was only fair that we teach her how to bake her own bread, because she can't always be expecting other people to bake it for her.  Start 'em young, I guess.  If she wants fresh bread from now on, she can have it.

And, because she's so sweet, she was willing to make this tutorial for all of you.  Here are her best tips for baking bread:

Well, ok. It's clear we have a few things to work on.  And that's why for a little while longer at least Devin will continue to be our primary bread winner, and bread baker.  And maybe someday he'll bring home some bacon too.  For real.

Post Script: Devin read this post before I clicked the magical orange "Publish Post" button and he had a lot to say about it.  Something like, "Looks good...  And I do too bring you bacon. And I bring you chocolate chips, and sausage, and sometimes ice cream. I bring you lots of good things."

On that note, I apologize.  And the bread was delicious.


  1. Irresistibly cute, Amy!!! That is so awesome that she is already learning how to make bread, and that's funny that she only likes fresh fresh FRESH bread. Poor girl when she goes to college and lives in a dorm! (She might have to go straight to an apartment, just so she can bake fresh bread. Haha)

  2. And an update, Jill just watched the video with me (three or four times). I said, "That's Hallie. She's your best friend." Jill responded, "Yes." Score!!

  3. My favorite parts were about the bacon.

    But I guess you already knew that.


  4. Oh how I wish I had a Devin to bake me fresh bread each week! It takes me a good 3 months or more to get around to baking fresh bread, and it's never as varied as what you guys get. You have such a wonderful and balanced family. I love you guys. <3

  5. Definitely a good idea to start the girls young. I'm determined that ALL of our kids, boy or girl, will know how to cook and bake. I've just ordered The Bread Baker's Apprentice and Gareth and I are then going to spend some time working on bread, finding recipes we love, this summer. I'm glad to see that Hallie enjoys it, because I was hoping it would be something Gareth would enjoy helping with. If Devin has any books on bread-baking or recipes he recommends, I'd love to hear about them!