Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This Week, in Review

Tough Chick Tells the People How It's Gonna Be
Unsolved Mysteries: How Does she Do That?
Cute Pair Caught Having Quality Time
They'll Have a Steak, and a Shake, please.
How a Family Grows and Grows
Preparing to Channel my Inner Nicole
I've learned a few things about myself now.
A.) I have no inner Nicole
B.) Apparently I can channel a duck.

And now the duck is angry.
Well, I won't quit my day job.
I guess not everybody can look sultry; some of us just keep trying though.


  1. ha ha ha ha haaa. this is absolutely awesome and i feel so honored. i think you get points just for trying to channel your 'inner nicole.' i mean, i'm feeling it. i'm seduced.

  2. Hey, wait just a second there chickita! Remember those black boots and that um skirt and jacket in some barn on some island off the coast of Maine? I won't give anymore details... but you were HOTT! Oh baby! I can admit this since you are safely married, but back in the day.....mum was the word! Ow Ow too HOTT!!

  3. It's alright... I've never been sucessful at channeling my inner Nicole either. Though it is interesting that you get duck lips because I get dear in the headlight eyes.

  4. I think it's funny that people have commented on the ridiculous pictures of me, but not on the cute cute cute pictures of Hallie! I thought she'd steal the show...

  5. ok... Hallie is the cutest thing ever, but the problem is that her mom is the cutest thing ever and really funny... it seems like funny is what gets comments

  6. Haha. These are great pictures. Can she walk?!