Friday, November 14, 2008


I can still remember with that awe that comes from the innocence of childhood the secretaries at the office where my dad worked. I thought they were all a grown woman could aspire to be: glamorous, beautiful, sophisticated. I believed this because I saw the evidence in the way they answered phones, the way they wrote messages, and the way they sat at their desks. It was the glory of those desks that really brought home to me the magic that must be their job as a secretary. It was not the desk itself that fascinated me, but rather the pens, the stapler, the notepads, especially the big phone with blinking lights. I think it's quite clear what my secret dream was: to be a secretary when I grew up. It had to be a secret of course, by very virtue of the fact that I wanted it so much. It couldn't possibly ever come true, like catching a falling star, or having a prince in shining armor come riding up on his white horse...

And it didn't come true. I am not a secretary. But what is it they say? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Is that because the parent forces the child to fullfill the unfulfilled dreams of their life, to live vicariously through their offspring? Well, for whatever reason, Hallie has all the makings of a great secretary:
She can type approx. 60 non words a minute, with the keyboard upside down in front of her. Beat that.
She even has to help mommy out sometimes, when mommy gets behind on her work.
Clearly, she loves filing too.

These pictures could also be used as a blog entry under the title: Why We Don't Need to Buy Hallie Toys... on second thought, maybe the title should be "Why We Need to Buy Hallie Some Toys".


  1. haha I liked your comments about buying Hallie toys. That made me actually laugh out loud. So, funny story, I kind of wanted to be a secretary, too! I think was got me was the old black and white movies we would watch. They seemed so sophisticated and in control! :) I still think I would make an awesome secretary. Hallie makes a great one!

  2. seriously so cute. You got an office assistant!

  3. When I was little I sooo wanted to be a career girl (prob. a secretary) and live in NYC ( I didn't have the faintest idea where NY was really) and have a white couch with a white cat. I must have seen a show also to get this idea into my head. Grandma never told me stories of glorious white couches in a big city.