Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Regis, Kelly, and Hillary Clinton

I love these guys. Regis and Kelly that is. I don't know Hillary...
Well, you might have guessed, and it's true. I've been reunited with my old friends, Regis and Kelly. Oh, how I missed them! It's my second morning back with them, and already I've learned so much. For example, from Regis I've learned that bangs are back, but Kelly won't wear them she says. Neither will I. I remember how it looked last time I tried it. From Kelly I learned what dim lighting can do for a woman's look, it's about the opposite of bangs, for girls like us. That was yesterday. Today I learned something very interesting. It's David Cook's fault that Hillary Clinton lost. Did you know that? Regis figured it out. Here's how it happened:
David Cook was invited to play for Hillary Clinton, at Carnegie Hall I believe he (David Cook) said, and he played a song that she requested from him, because apparently she's a big fan. That's the key. She told David Cook that while she was campaigning, she would call people she knew and ask them to vote for David Cook. That's when Regis knew how it went down. Hillary Clinton put too much effort into making sure that David Cook won, that she was distracted from her own campaign. Well, isn't that something? I love getting my little daily dose of knowledge every morning from those guys. What would I do without it?


  1. i love all facts about david cook!

  2. I love this blog! I get my minimum daily requirement of pertinent information in a convenient easy to digest capsule!

  3. tee hee I'm so glad you are reconnected with Regis and Kelly! :)