Friday, November 21, 2008

Delicious Bread

As many of you know, I am married to a man who bakes bread. He usually bakes bread on Sundays, and it is always delicious. I have dabbled in banana bread, and that's about the extent of my bread baking experience. Devin decides one day that I should bake the bread. So, I get out the flour, salt, sugar, yeast and water, and I mix them all together. Oh, how delightful. I watch the mixer turn the dough around and around and around. It's too sticky. I add flour. Still too sticky. Add more flour. Ok, looks good. Dump it out, play with it a bit, put it back in the bowl, let it rise. Now it's ten feet tall and billowing out the top of the bowl. Rising is done. Dump it out of the bowl, twist and separate into two bits of dough, to make two loaves. Shape the dough into nice balls. Let sit for five minutes to relax. I can only imagine that this is all very stressful for those hardworking yeasties. Return to task at hand. Pick up one ball of dough, and begin flattening it out into a lower case 'l'. Make wider at top. Wet the dough, roll up, place in bread pan. Voila! One loaf almost done. Repeat flattening process with second loaf. Let dough rise in bread pans. (I must admit, the following part, Devin did for me.) Put in oven. Bake. Remove from oven. (But he tells me that anyone could have done that part... so I still say that I baked the bread, although there is a voice inside me that says, "But you didn't bake it. You did everything else, but you did NOT "bake" it...) Remove from bread pans, let cool on side. Eat with dinner. Delicious!
Please, feel free to admire my bread.


  1. I definitely admire your bread. I think it is funny that you did everything but bake it, but if it is any consolation, the baking honor really goes to the stove, so do any of us really ever "bake" the bread? Just say you made it. :)

  2. nice work on the bread!, who will help you eat the bread? (good thing Devin helped!)