Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going Places

I love going places with Hallie. (And Devin too, of course... but this is not about him.) She is a natural friend-maker. In the mornings, when we go walking at the mall, she is admired by all the senior citizens we pass. And the ones that pass us. (Believe it or not, some of those guys really book it, they don't mess around with their morning workout.) They think she is so cute, and I mean really, she just is. I love the little random interactions that I have with people as I go about my business, running errands. The other day I was at the bank. While my transactions were being processed, I heard people murmuring behind me. "Oh, look at her." "Isn't she sweet?" "Hi, pretty girl!" And I might have felt flattered, fooling myself into thinking they might have been talking about me. But no, as I turn around to acknowledge this praise, all eyes are drawn to Hallie, and her precious five toothed grin. The same thing happened at the Driver's bureau when I went to get license plates for the car. She had charmed everyone in that building, and you know people waiting in line at that place are not in the mood to be charmed. That's just how irresistible she is. I love these little happenings though, especially when they are more one on one, because then invariably, the other person begins telling me about their own kids. If it weren't for Hallie, I might never talk to anyone but Devin... yikes!

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  1. Aww Hallie is wonderful. I'm glad she's an excuse to get to talk to new people! And you made me laugh with your sentence about how people waiting in line don't want to be charmed. Haha. :) Ain't that the truth. I see the new list with the books. Awesome!