Friday, November 7, 2008

I found the picture of Devin and I at the temple with Devin's mom.
I've been thinking about the Netherlands again lately. I've been remembering what it was like to go to church there:
It reminds me of how difficult it was just to get to church there, the trouble with buses, and the day we walked for hours without finding it... how much all the struggle to get to church made me truly appreciate how important it is in my life.

The time I got lost, and was immensely cheered up by the sight of these goats, seemingly with a play area of their own:
You can't see all of them in there, but there were five little goats. These guys really cheered me up when I got on the wrong bus and had to walk home for miles...the day after we had gotten there. It could have been such a bad memory, but every time I think of it, I think of these goats, and they always make me smile.

Even now, when Devin and I are driving somewhere, I find myself longing to look out the window at a scene like this, which is all you see driving around the Netherlands:
(Those are sheep. Sometimes, admittedly, it is cows instead of sheep.)
Not to mention the infamous windmills:

Last, but not least to be mentioned, are my favorites. The wild swans that are everywhere, in the canals in the countryside, in the canals in the cities, you cannot escape them. I love them. I miss them:

Well, honestly, I miss a lot about it. Sometimes (dare I say it?) I even miss being pregnant...

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  1. Do you really miss being pregnant? The wild swans are really cool, and I remember your sad story about the wrong bus. :( I love the goats though!