Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Vomit Curls

Did you miss the post that helps this post make sense?  Read it, here.

I understand that pictures of vomit curls may not be appealing to everyone.  Thus I will put other pictures first, with clear warnings of when the pictures of Hanna covered in vomit are coming you can retreat back to the safety of Facebook or Yahoo news or Stranger or wherever else you hang out on the internet.
I think maybe Hallie wasn't feeling so great that morning, either. 

This is what Heather looks like when you have the camera out and are taking pictures and you don't let her grab it to chew and taste.

Then Hallie got excited and wanted to take a picture of me and Heather.  I actually really quite like it.

WARNING: We are nearing the true vomit curls pictures.  This one is skating on the edge of it, having Hanna in the picture, but you can't really tell that anything is "wrong" with her, except the fact that Hallie wouldn't go any closer, citing "Hanna smells bad, Mommy" as her reasoning for keeping her distance.  Indeed, Hanna was quite stinky that morning.

-------     -----     -----     ------     -----     -----     ------     -----     -----     ------     -----     -----     ------   

If vomit curls are not something you are comfortable viewing, please carry on with your day, and I hope it is a truly good day indeed.


 Can you see the chunks on her forehead, eyebrows, nose, eyelashes?  Yes my friends, in her eyelashes.  How you sleep through that I truly, truly, truly do not know.

And then we all jumped in the bathtub, where I had to wash her hair extensively twice before we got all the smell out.


  1. That is pretty nasty! Especially on her eye lashes. But she still looked cute with her big smiles! Lol

  2. She is probably the only person who could still look good through that. :)

  3. Oh gross.

    But she looks so cute and happy in that second picture! What a big smile! She's almost not a toddler anymore, verging on preschooler. I don't know if I can handle that! (Perhaps she already isn't really a toddler anymore, but I'm not ready to accept it.)

  4. Poor girl! I'd take "chocolate" vomit over poo anyday!