Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Girl Talk

Can we talk about girl kind of things, for a minute here? 

If you aren't sure if you want to keep reading, just ask yourself: do the very sounds of the words "girl" and "talk" make you uncomfortable?  This probably isn't for you, then.

First of all, the easy stuff. I've never liked my shampoo and conditioner.  I've never really felt satisfied that my hair is getting the results as promised by the advertisements and labels.  I've tried just about every brand on the shelf, but what do you love?  Is there one I should go back and try again, or do you know a secret that you'd share with me?

Second of all, my fingernails make me sad.  For most of my life my fingernails were strong, and sharp, and powerful, and could do anything.  Now, they are brittle and break and crack and they aren't pretty anymore.  I used to have strangers see them and ask, "Are those your real nails?"  Now, no one even notices them.  Is there a secret vitamin or something I could take to make my fingernails strong again? I have a suspicion that this weakening has something to do with hormones, either caused by pregnancy or the hypothyroidism, but I don't know.  Anyone know?

Third, and if you are still with me then this is where it gets tetchy. So if you're going to get squeamish about girlish things, then go. Go now.  Alright, here's the real truth: I've never had a bra that I liked.  Except for the one that Kristen recommended when I was nursing. Loved that bra.  But, of course, it is about twelve sizes to big in every direction now that Heather has weaned herself.  So, I'm back to bras that hurt, bras that ride up, bras that look lumpy and weird, and I just hate them all.  What bra do you buy, and do you love it more than you love chocolate?  That's what I need.

Thanks, friends.  Anything you'd like to talk about?


  1. Biotin is a vitamin you can take that will make your hair and nails grow. I have taken it and it works. It really does. Here's the downside though. ALL of your hair will grow faster. Meaning, not only the hair on your head but on your legs and arms and anywhere that hair grows...expect it to grow faster. Which is less fun when you have to shave your legs twice as often. But your nails will be stronger and longer.

    I also love tresemme's conditioner. I feel like it actually conditions my hair the way I want. And it's about middle range on the price scale. I just use any cheap shampoo.

    As for bras, I buy mine from Lane Bryant, bc they fit perfect and I know what size I need and can buy a bunch when they are on sale and not have to try them on. But I don't think that store will work for you...

    Hope that helped :))

  2. Agree with Alison. B vitamins work really well. I have a multi B vitamin that I take, and I have to cut my nails about once a week. And my hair is longer than I thought it could grow. Shampoo and conditioner, I use Tea Tree Oil and it's great. It is pricy though and can only be bought in a salon. And since I don't really know what you want out of your shampoo and conditioner, I can't really be any more help. (Do you want it to have more or less volume? More or less bounce? More or less shine?) Bras, you should go to an upscale place (or even Victoria's Secret) and get measured. There's this crazy statistic that like 75% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. So I think your best bet would be to get measured by someone else. Good luck! I have had problems with bras for as long as I can remember. And someone I know actually has 2 different sized breasts!

  3. Victoria's Secret all the way. Yes, they are pricy. But holy moly since getting pregnant and switching to a nursing bra, I have never missed Vicky's so much. I have never had a bra from there that I didn't love, and they are excellent quality. Well worth the price, if you ask me.
    As far as shampoo and conditioner, I'm sad to say that this is another thing that I'm willing to spend good money on. Go by Beauty First when they are doing their liter sale and you can get the salon brands for 50% off. No build up, healthy hair, and a little bit goes a long way. I also only wash my hair every three or so days. It's much better for your hair, and after a month or so of less washing, your hair doesn't get greasy at all. I could write a novel about the convenience of this method and why it's so amazing, but I won't bore you with all of that unless you're actually interested.
    And wait just a darn second.... Something caused by pregnancy? Are you expecting?!?!?!? Okay done now.

  4. I hate bras too. They don't even make them in my regular, non-nursing size. Plus they are so pricey for so little fabric. To tell the truth--I don't wear one about half the time since I don't really need one except for coverage so if I have enough coverage with the clothes I go sans bra (now you know my dirty little secret).

    Also, if you want to google + anytime, I'm pretty much just stuck at home and I can't sleep in the day so anytime is good.

  5. I'm not much help on the first two (I'm trying to find a shampoo I like as well), but about bras I will echo several others and say you should go and get measured. I'm planning on this after I finish nursing, but I'm not going to go to Victoria's Secret. Every time I've gone in there the employees have seemed like they're annoyed that they might have to help someone and would be horrified if I asked for a measurement. So, my suggestion would be to find a local lingerie store where the proprietor is insistent that she measure everyone because no one ever does it right.

  6. Finger Nails: Yes, having kids makes finger nails more brittle. I have heard good things about B vitamins, but I've never tried them.

    Shampoo: I'm like you, happy enough, have tried every kind, but I don't have a go to.

    Bras: You get what you pay for. I love the Victoria's Secret Wireless Sexy Tee Bra (Currently 2 for 49.99). I hate wires, they always seem to poke me somewhere.

  7. Vitamin B has helped my nails.
    No suggestion about shampoo... I feel the same way.
    I agree to have a bra fitting- Oprah recommends it. :)My fav come from Victoria's Secret as well. They might be pricey... but I agree with Hannah, you get what you pay for. Mine have lasted a very long time. So I think it is worth the investment.

  8. Whoops, that comment by Jonathan is totally me (Angela Araya)... he was still logged in. :)

  9. my nails get all brittle and crack whenever I wear nail polish, so unfortunately, I don't get to wear in on my fingernails. Toe nails are another story. In order to find the perfect bra, you have to search for days, and then when you find one, you buy 6 of them.....

  10. I have no advice. My hair is the same regardless of what shampoo and conditioner brands I use. My nails have always been horribly weak, and I do not like any of my bras.

    I guess this is why we're sisters? :)

    I do however have a funny link to share with you: http://hahasforhoohas.com/bra-size-denial-aint-a-river-at-victoria-secret/