Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Young

I have too many things on my mind, too many words forming and I can't keep them all straight.  I'm filled with thoughts about family, springtime, Easter, brownies, plyometrics, love, and a hundred other random things that all come together when I'm rocking Heather in the darkness of twilight, but that I can't sort out when I'm in front of my computer.  It may seem like a week since I've written a blog post, but trust me I write five in my head every night.

In the meantime, while I get all that stuff sorted out, guess what I found?  Pictures.  From assorted experiences ranging from my Spring Breaks when I was just a wee bitty little college student at Ye Olde Purdue University to visits with my sister in Utah.  And so I think I'll post some of them, and pretend that I got to go somewhere sunny and nice like in the good old days.  But for now, since it is late and I am tired, how about a few teasers?
 I have no idea why my sister and I are posed like this on the streets of Provo? I don't know where we are.  Also, my dad hated it when I made that face in pictures, and now that I am older and wiser I can totally see why.

 And then Stacy was tired after driving to Alabama.

My sister and her new man Jeff.
And then they got married.
And she just had their third baby.

 The gang, at Panama City Beach.  Yes, the locale of both the shark story and the cage dancing story.

 One time, my friend Marc picked me up from the airport dressed like this, and holding that sign.  Maybe the coolest thing that ever happened to me?  Well, that makes me sound kind of lame, so I'll put it in the more vague but still true category of one of the Top Five Coolest Things That Ever Happened To Me (and it might be number one.)

 Just another windy day in Mexico.

 And then this happened.

 And I fell asleep in the car on the long long long long drive to Alabama.

Some pretty cool kids here, just hangin'.

So, that was really fun for me.  
You want more?
Well, it's coming.


  1. Yes!!!! I definitely want more. I totally laughed out loud at the remembrance of your shark story and cage dancing. You rebel!

  2. Tee hee thanks for digging up these fun memories! Good times good times

  3. Wow! Great pics. I remember being so tired after driving that I fell in a puddle on the floor. Spring Break with you was always so fun. I really want to go back. Sick of this cold weather! We should put it in a hole! :) ~Crunchers

  4. Love it! Excited to see more :)Loved my IN parties while in UT!