Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break - Cruise to Mexico

The snow continues to haunt me.  I think it might melt away today, and maybe not snow again?  Should I risk even saying that?  Knock on wood...

 Well, I'm taking a journey back in time to my Spring Break trip to Mexico, I think maybe this was to Cozumel?  Yes, that sounds right.
First of course, we had to drive to Alabama.
I guess this was just sometime on our way, but I mostly post it because I miss those pants and that sweatshirt.  Where did it go?

 Dinners on the cruise - I look at these pictures and I think, where did all of those clothes go?  OOOOH yes, I remember, I gave them away in my huge clothing purge after Hallie was born when I didn't know what to do with my new strangely shaped body.

That's our cruise ship.

 On the beach.  I don't know what those crusty stairs are behind us...

I have to remind myself that this hot humid weather is coming our way to Nebraska soon, too.  It will be here and then I will be crying and moaning and complaining on this here same blog that it is too hot and too humid and it makes me sick and tired and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

I'll try not to do that this summer.  Maybe this summer I'll try to embrace being sweaty and sticky and hot and uncomfortable. 

I can do that, if you'll just come out and play, Oh Mr. Golden Sun.



  1. The cruise was so much fun. I love reliving our college days! Especially the warm weather related ones! I recall getting really sunburnt on this cruise. I think I look pretty red in the last picture. These make me totally miss you! Let's do another spring break next year? Or soon when we are all done having babies. I will drive Frank. ~Crunchers

  2. It is funny—I wonder the same thing about clothes when I look at old pictures. I wonder where all of my cute ones went, and then I realize that I gave them away. Right now I am realizing that I gave away a lot of clothes when Danny was a year or so old, because they were "fat" clothes. Now that I am in that awkward stage in between "normal" and maternity, I am wishing I still had my "fat" clothes, because I have almost nothing that fits. Why did I give them away?! So short sighted.

    And I am enjoying all of your sunshiney pictures. :) It snowed here today.