Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Last Try

There are some things in life that you eventually have to concede that you will never be good at doing.

For me, making a sultry face is one of those things.

I've tried.  Oh, I have tried.  But I am tired of looking like a duck, and therefore, tonight, with you as my witnesses, I retire my efforts.

Click here to see pictures of the last time I tried to make sultry faces.  And click HERE to see a picture of the original effort at looking sultry, and to see what I mean when I say "channeling Nicole".  (You know you look good too, Melissa!)  Just scroll until you see the pictures I am referring to.  Keep scrolling... you'll get there. And you'll know you're there.

Just before I tried this last time my friend Alison recommend I try channeling my inner Nicole, again.  Which is another thing I think it's about time I faced openly and honestly.  I have no one inside me, but me.


Hallie wanted to make sure everyone knew her doll was dressed as a princess for Halloween.

Devin as a farmer, third year in a row. 
 p.s. While I have officially given up on looking sultry, I have not given up on red lipstick.  That is still one of the most fun things I do.  If you've never tried it, then you'll just have to trust me - it's a thrill.
 and there you have it.  You'll never have to worry about seeing any more awkward photos of my trying to look sultry on this blog or in real life again, ever.  Sultry and I? We're through.


  1. The 2nd to last one, you've almost got it!

    And nobody does sultry like Nicole. She's da bomb. :)

  2. Here is another time you tried to "channel nicole." hahaha

    and you did a pretty good sultry look toward the bottom of the pics of you and me in the car with the flashy lipstick on. you gotta give a little credit for those. maybe its the lipstick that gives you some confidence. lol

  3. The last two are sultry. But I agree with giving up, since you may as well quit now while you are ahead. :)

  4. Jill was going to be Minnie Mouse! How fun that Hallie was. In the end, we couldn't find the Simplicity pattern to make the costume. And Danny was going to be Mickey Mouse. The Things ended up being pretty cute though.

    Devin makes an awesome farmer. Too bad Halloween is never in time for him to already have a beard.

    Lovin' the red lipstick.

    I am glad there is no one inside you but you. I like you a lot. :)

  5. You may no longer claim you don't have it. Second to last picture: absolutely and entirely nailed it. It's in the intensity of your eyes. Yes, it's official, you are sultry and there is not more denying it. I mean, I'm seduced, alright. It worked. I think the red-lipstick may have surpassed anything i have ever remotely accomplished. I do think it's funny that you both call it channeling your Nicole -- I'm flattered and undeserving.