Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cuz This is Africa!!

I owe a lot to Shakira.  If it weren't for her and her awesome Waka Waka song, I would have curled up and died my last quarter mile of the Market to Market.  Maybe not died, but definitely curled.

If you need a song to really get your legs pumping, you should check it out.

Also, check out these pictures from the race:
I was a little hyper.  Listen, I only got four hours of sleep the night before, and I was the first runner of our team.

 With my team, I am the one wearing all the flashing lights.

 Passing on the "baton" to Torrie.  My teammates are actual runners, see, so they're fast.

Just because it is really fun, more shots of me wearing my reflective vest and flashing lights.  They were required when running during "nighttime hours".  I had a head lamp and a butt flasher.  It's a classy look.
 Our team, after we finished.  Yes, it's dark again.  And Amber had to wear the vest, but not the flasher!  What's that about?  I think she would have looked great in it, personally.  

Thanks for a good time, girls!


  1. I LOVE that first picture of you. :)

    I am happy for you and your run. You did it! Thank goodness for Waka, Waka.

    I am a little sad I didn't get to do my run.

    But I am convinced I will have another opportunity someday.

  2. I had never seen/heard Waka Waka, but now I have and once more I am grateful to you guys for introducing me to something new that I love. :)

    Someday I am going to run a 5k. It's going to happen!