Sunday, October 7, 2012


We've been busy busy beavers around here lately.

I have completed the following projects:

 I started making most of these back in January, before Heather was born.  I finished all but four of them, and decided the other day it was about time I just finished.  I think there are 8 of these little beauties.  I know, I know, you're wondering why I wanted 8 jungle animal pillows?  Meh, who knows.  But now I have them!

 So I finished the jungle animal pillows, and then felt like I wanted something kind of girly to liven up the place, you know?  So I made these. All out of scraps.  Take that scrap pile!  Also, I think one will be up for grabs in this year's ThanksGIVEaway... I'm starting to get excited for that, who's with me?

 I FINISHED HEATHER'S QUILT! Now all three of my girls have Winnie the Pooh quilts, and I am sort of tickled pink and just down right pleased with myself.
 I quilted it by hand, and this is what the back looks like, can you see them all looking at the ducks?
 Here is a shot so you can see what both sides look like quilted.  Can you see the stitches on Eeyore?
And some many years ago (4?) Devin pulled these folding chairs out of the trash.  They were really nice chairs, but the cover on the cushion was ripping apart, and whoever owned them had duck taped it back together, but it looked pretty sad.  My mom gave me this fabric that her mom had had for something like 40 years (am I exaggerating, Mom? I don't think so...) and she gave it to me to cover them.  I did three of them 3 years ago, and never did the fourth because that was the one the high chair was on, but I finally said to myself, "Self, finish that fourth chair." So I did.

COOL! I am also in the middle of several exciting projects, including some others that may or may not show up at ThanksGIVEaway.  Get ready ya'll.

But do you know what is really quite very exciting?  
See below.
Devin has been working on finishing the basement.  Three cheers for Devin!


  1. The Roses have been as busy as bees!

    I am very impressed.

    The stitching on Heather's quilt is beautiful.

    Goodness, your whole basement may be finished the next time I make it out there!

    Yay for having Mom there!!

    The pillows look fabulous. Has your reading corner come to fruition now?

    And congratulations on reupholstering that fourth chair. I have curtains hanging in my house that have been hanging up in their respective windows for . . . probably about a year. They are completely done—except for their hem. They are all lined with pins, keeping their ironed and ready-to-sew hem in place. Goodness. I really need to do that . . .

  2. You are amazing. Finishing projects is the best and I am so impressed with everything you have been doing!!

  3. Way to go Amy! That's got to feel good! The quilt is beautiful.

  4. Great job on finishing projects! Finishing products are always the best because you see the hard work all come together. HAND quilted? Way to go Amy! Looks fabulous!

    I have several projects that I still have to finish, but you may have just inspired me to get to them!

    And I can't wait for pictures of the basement when finished... awesome!

  5. love, love, love Heather's quilt :)

  6. Anybody can start, but to finish...that is what makes you great. The quilt is simply amazing! Like amazing. I have never hand sewn a quilt. I need to try that out sometime. I am excited to see the basement IN PERSON! YEEEEEEEES!

  7. Amy, you're amazing. I had no clue you were so crafty. And so multi-faceted in your craftiness to boot!

    Have you sewn very many clothes? I tried to be ambitious with sewing once and it didn't go well; but I love to sketch clothes and I so often see a piece of clothing and think, "Oh, if I could just change this or that, I would LOVE to wear that." I wonder how hard that is to get into.

    Anyway, your skills are amazing. I love those cute little pillows, especially that giraffe!