Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Me Recipe

I wrote this for a homework assignment in sixth grade.  My sister found it for me.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but she couldn't wait.  I think it says something about our personalities that she had a copy of it, and I didn't.  I am also left wondering if this is still an accurate "recipe" of me:

If there were a recipe of me
It most certainly would be:
One half cup of eccentric,
One third cup of cinematic,
Four teaspoons of thoughtful,
Two dashes of bashful,
Half a teaspoon of curiosity, and
One cup of gentle ferocity.
A bit of careful teasing,
Mix in with loud wheezing
(Hey, it's not my fault; I have allergies!).
A tablespoon of golden strands
to be braided by my hands.
Stir in stretchy bands,
A drop of childlike happiness, and
Three thirds cup of silliness.
Put it in a pan for a cake—
Careful! There is a lot at stake!

I mean, seriously, I don't really have allergies anymore. (Strange. I know, but true - except to cats and dogs, and Devin refuses to let us get those.  Do you suppose that's all I ever was actually allergic to?)

Do you want some pictures? I'm still trying to be more diligent about pictures. (I don't know why you can't see them sometimes, Grandma.  You should always be able to come to the actual blog to see them though. Click here to do that, and you can scroll through and see the pictures you missed too!)
 I am the one on the left, missing about six teeth.  They took like two years to grow back in, too.
 I am the tall one on the right.  Just check out my hair.
And because I found it while I was looking for old pictures, and because it screams "I am the coolest picture ever taken" I had to put this one on too.  Wow.  See, the object here was to look "sultry".  Do we all agree that I FAILED?


  1. First of all, I LOVE the picture of you missing your teeth and think you're ADORABLE! As for the 'sultry pic', I have to say I think you all failed at that one. LOL I love ya, Ames, and really hope we get to come see you for Christmas!!!!

  2. I think that Grandma, when she said "pictures," actually meant "videos." Because there is no reason why she should have to "open" a picture. It's just there. You know? So, I think she meant video.

    And haha now people are going to think I'm a pack rat or something! I'm not. I throw lots of stuff away! I just happen to really like my sister's poetry. ;) I'm glad I had a copy for you.

    I would say it is not spot on about you anymore, but your core is the same. I think both of us are less silly and cinematic though. (Which is a pretty good thing considering our new responsibilities!) And I don't know how stretchy you are . . . You're still plain wonderful though.

    LOVE the pics. :)

    And haha. Oh Maine. Oh Maine . . .

  3. This made me laugh! It totally describes you, except for the allergies of course. At our house we have a saying: Debts before pets. Pets cost a lot of money! So when our student loans are paid off in 30 years, perhaps we'll get a dog. I, however, hope by then Mori will have forgotten about the whole thing.

  4. Nicole totally wins in the sultry dept. I love how you're just trying not to laugh.

    I miss Maine.

  5. Amy, remember when you tried to "channel Nicole" and her sultry looks? Yeah. Luckily that wasnt captured here. LOL. cause we all know how that turned out. haha! love you!

  6. Amy sultry? No, Amy keep that hidden away till her mister showed up.

    I think the mystery of hanging onto things is figuring out what is the junk and what are the treasures! Good one Zer, I was glad to read Amy's young self poetry.