Friday, October 29, 2010

Unsolved Mysteries

The Case of the Missing Soap

Devin and I bought a nice little soap dispenser to put in our downstairs bathroom.  It sat there, day after day, sweetly dispensing soap into dirty hands.  One day it was gone.  It has never since been seen.  There are no clues as to its current whereabouts, or the identity of the soap thief.

The Case of the Missing Scriptures

One Sunday as I was getting ready to go out the door for church I realized that my scriptures weren't in my bag.  They are always in my bag, ready for church.  I only use them at church.  (I have another set for at home, people.)  I looked.  For three weeks I looked.  I looked in the laundry room three times.  All in vain.  I was at the point of despair, Devin and I had agreed we would buy me a new set.  I did not want a new set.  One lovely afternoon I was standing in the laundry room, trying to make sure I had not forgotten anything for an outing we were going on, when my gaze drifted to the counter top.  There, in a beam of light (probably) they sat.  Who put them there?  When?  Devin was out of town.  I had not done it.  But they were not there the day before.  Hallie is not tall enough to reach the top of that counter.  There are no clear suspects.

The Case of the Dirty Laundry

I dumped out a basket of clean laundry to begin folding.  Devin needed some pajamas for Hanna.  He picked up the nearest pair, and asked me if they were clean.  I said all of the clothes in that pile were clean, they had just come out of that basket, which had just come out of the dryer.  He pointed to a spot.  He asked me if I was sure they were clean, citing that the spot felt sort of crusty.  I sniffed. They were decidedly not clean.  How did one pair of pajamas remain stinky and crusty through a wash and dry cycle?  None of the other clothes were similarly still gross.

The Case of the Laundry Addition

I put clothes in the washer to wash.  I sorted them, turned them inside out or right side in, depending on their individual care instructions.  I did not put my lady clothing in their special bag for washing.  I transferred the clothes to the dryer when the washer sang to me. (My washer sings when it is done. So does the dryer. It's very nice.)  They spun and spun in the dryer.  I took the clothes out when the dryer sang to me.  On top of the heap fell my lady clothing in their special bag.  Who had put that in the wash?  Devin was out of town, and yet they had been very carefully inserted, zipped up, and joined with the rest of the clothes.  There are no clues as to how they got there.

I have long decided we have a friendly ghost in our midst.  Except, I'd like my soap back. And for all the clothes to get clean.  But thanks for the scriptures. And for putting my lady clothes in the wash.

I do appreciate that.

Do you have any unsolved mysteries at your house?

Post-Edit: We found the missing soap this morning.  I have three remaining unsolved mysteries.


  1. i stole your soap. i came into your house the night you left the garage door open and front and back doors unlocked and stole your soap. That'll show you. ;)

    okay, no but really maybe your house is haunted. No. No. that is too scary of a reason. lets just go with your idea of a friendly ghost.

  2. Yep. You'e definitely living in a haunted house... SOoooo... how about you guys come visit US during vacation time instead of the other way around... I'm afraid one of my kids might go missing or something.

  3. Do you have Nancy Drew's phone number ...

  4. Would you believe that I called Miss Drew and she said that you should look for your soap at GranB's house? You are welcome to come and look anytime!

  5. Someone tried to set fire to our barn


  6. Lady clothing made me laugh. : )

  7. I'm glad the scriptures were returned in a beam of light. I would be absolutely devastated if I lost mine. They're just how I like them, and it took a long time to get them that way.

    I think you're suffering memory lapses. That's how I'm going to explain it.

  8. I have mysteries like this all the time. Today, for example, my front door was bolted. I never bolt it, because my key always gets stuck in the bolt, so I only lock the door handle. That is not a mistake I would make, because once I couldn't get my key out and had to leave it there until someone else came over and wiggled it out for me. My mother-in-law was inside, babysitting Jill while I was at the doctor. She said she didn't bolt it. Jill can't reach (and was asleep). Bolts don't bolt themselves . . . Cosmo has started playing with the door knob though in eagerness for your arrival when he hears or sees you coming home. It was pretty disconcerting the first few times to hear and see the knob wiggling before I started to unlock it. :)

    At our last apartment, I lost something in my bedroom and then found it almost a year later in the living room. Hmm . . .

  9. i just watched one of your episodes on how a dog can detect things in people, i just wanted to let you know that my doggie did detect a lump in my left breast and then a few years later he detected my fiance's heart attack three days before it happened. If it wasnt for him i wouldnt have lost my love.