Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would You Like to Meet

my plants?  AND play a game too?  Come on, let's play!
I call this one the spider plant.
This one has been with me the longest, since 2006.  He is my favorite. Would you like to hear the story? (Here it is, as I know it.) When my mom went away to college her dad gave her an offshoot of one of his plants.  She has had it ever since.  When I was at college my mom gave me an offshoot of that plant, and I have had it ever since.  So this is the grandbaby plant of my grandpa's original plant. I have high hopes of keeping it alive until Hallie and/or Hanna go off to college.  Wouldn't that be sweet?  He's been with me these four years except for a brief stint with my friend Nicole, and I've learned a few things.
1. Plants are pretty resilient, determined creatures with a fierce will to live.
2. Even so, they still need to be watered every so often.
I call this one the "cactusy kind of one with the pretty flower"
This little guy is a fairly recent addition.  I brought him home with me from my mom's house back in 2008.  He may not look like much right now, but I finally got him to bloom (just once) and it was amazing. I smiled for days.  It's no easy task getting the conditions right for this one to be willing to make a flower.  It was so worth it.

Mystery friend.
And this is my mystery friend.  Of course I know what he is, but do you?  Let's play a game. Whoever can tell me what this plant is first (go ahead, google it!) will get something very special from me, somehow.  So, first person to leave a comment with the correct identification of this plant will WIN.  Something.  Like a birthday card mailed to YOU from ME on your BIRTHDAY. Or something really special like that. (Mom and other family members who may already know: you are not eligible for play.  Sorry.) And if no one has the right answer by say, Saturday before I go to bed, I'll just tell you. (so boring.)

Clue: Both Hallie and Hanna have been caught eating his leaves.  They never showed any ill side effects.  I am now thoroughly convinced that this plant is entirely edible, and am saving him as a last resort food storage.


  1. It looks like a philodendron. If I get it right,though, Peter should get the credit. Anything I know about plants I owe to him!

  2. So, at picture two, I honestly wondered for a second if you had matching sets of pictures up in two places of your house. Then I decided it was much more likely that you were just moving the plants to a designated photo shoot location. By picture three, I decided that must be it. :)

    Um. If I should know what that plant is, I'm sorry. I don't really know any plants other than the ones I planted in my yard.

    But I enjoyed seeing your pretty plants and reading the stories. We don't have any indoor plants. We had one, but I planted it outside and may have killed it. I gave it to Mom to try to save. I wonder if it lived.

  3. Your mom has always called it a spider plant too. It can get very large and was already a monster spider the first time I visited your Mom's apartment in West Lafayette.

    Vickie was already totally into plants when I first met her and I was introduced to this guy's parent my fist visit to the Waldron St apartment.

    Their apartment had two bedrooms for the four roommates, a common kitchen, bathroom and a "front" room which had windows on the south and west side of the house. The plants loved the windows and was very happy.

    It observed quite a bit of our pre and early courtship. Definitely a keeper.