Friday, October 15, 2010

Whiskers on Kittens

My friend Heather recently wrote the following on her blog:

You know that song from The Sound of Music. The famous one that has somehow become associated with Christmas, even though the only mention of anything remotely related to that holiday is the mention of brown paper packages tied up with strings. I was thinking about that song today and it got me to thinking about my own favorite things. Those things in the song are all nice, very well and good. But mostly not my favorite things, if I were to have to name them. So let’s go. Let’s name our favorite things. I’ll name mine, you name yours.

And then she followed with her list of favorite things. I tried over and over to leave a comment on her blog with my list of favorite things but you know  how sometimes the universe and blogger conspire against you and won't let you leave comments?  So, Heather, this list is my favorite things.  Thanks for sharing yours.

Amy's TOP TEN (which means I really get 12, just like in football.)
sunshine on snow
hot cocoa
baby smiles in the morning
the sound of the garage opening when Devin comes home from work
pajamas with footies
flowers that keep blooming all summer long - my marigolds. They just won't quit.
good neighbors
good smells coming from the kitchen
chocolate chip cookie dough/bacon
good books
people who are kind

So next time when the dog bites, or the bee stings, or I'm feeling sad, I'll try to remember  my favorite things, and then I won't feel so bad! (Are you singing yet? Come on, you know you know it.)
For the people who like the pictures. This one's a little crazy.


  1. I too have no idea why this is considered a Christmas song. I love sunshine anytime, music, taking a nap, watching someone I love sleep, and planning/anticipating a special event.

  2. 1. Watching Jill splashing in puddles
    2. cuddling with a purring cat
    3. smelling something good cooking in my oven that I made
    4. watching my husband clean
    5. watching Jill dance
    6. seeing Jill's delight when I sing to her
    7. brightening someone's day
    8. revisiting with old friends
    9. finishing a satisfying book
    10. singing my heart out
    11. spending time with my extended family
    12. feeling my baby move inside me

    . . . these are a few of my favorite things! :) (I'm singing it for you. Can you hear me?)

  3. I forgot reading to a child, or having a child read to me. Also Mimi's #4 reminded me of the saying "There is nothing more exciting than watching my husband do dishes."

  4. I particularly love the "chocolate chip cookie dough/bacon" combo!

    Thanks, Amy. Sorry it took me so long to find it. But this makes me smile a lot. Like you do.