Friday, October 1, 2010

I Just Fell in Love...

...with this little guy.  I couldn't help myself.

But, I know I can't have him because apparently, he belongs to this family:

So, I'll let those kind looking folks have him while he's little. Because I have a plan. When he's big and tall and strong and handsome, I will introduce him to:

Blurry Hanna. She never sits still.

Yeah, this is going to work.  They will fall madly, deeply, truly in love and I will reign forever more as MOTHER IN LAW.  And he will love me too, then, because everyone loves their mother in law.  

Right?  (Congrats, pal. You are my hero.)


  1. he is quite cute! that sounds like a perfect plan, I have arranged the marriages for both of my children. LOL

  2. How embarrassing! I totally have not arranged a marriage for Ammon OR Sarah. She's two weeks today, do you think it's too late for her? Boys are different. Is Hallie taken? Ammon is seriously cute and has just learned to say Jesus, so I think he's on the right path. Plus if they were ever less than active, which they would never not be, but if they weren't, other Mormons would spot that name and BOOM! Hometeachers would be there before you know it.

  3. I can understand why you would want to choose your precious little girls eternal mate, but I must say that I am glad I didn't choose, because I think Devin did a pretty good job choosing for himself!

  4. Great Plan!!! :) Love you!

  5. lol. sooooo funny! and he is so adorable. and hanna is soo soo soo cute there in that picture. i approve this message!

  6. He is pretty cute!! :) I have about five arranged marriages for Jill. I figure it will work out with at least one of them. ;)

    And what a super cute baby boy!

  7. Oh yes, and I LOVE my mother-in-law!!