Monday, October 11, 2010


I have a family here on earth
Hallie did not like sitting up there.
We loved having you visit, Andrew and fam!

 They are so good to me
I love those faces.

I want to share my life with them
Yes, I am blinking. But Hallie looks good.
Through all eternity
Hallie loves her new buddy Owen.
Families can be together forever through Heavenly Father's plan
Olivia was a trooper all weekend.
I always want to be with

my own family

And the Lord has shown me

how I can.  The Lord has shown me how I can.


  1. Beautiful!! It looks like they had a fun visit. :)

  2. How cool is that; a visit by cousins and family! Did they also get in a Grandparent visit to Ann's Dad?

  3. Wow, those little red-haired children are adorable, not that the blondes aren't too, but I'm just saying . . .