Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Learning with friends is fun to do, fun to do, fun to do

A few clarifications: This is my "dining room".  So, that's my paint you like, Charity... but it was like that when we moved in. 

This is Hallie with her "fun school" "play school" "pre-pre-school" call it what you want, they are sitting on that bench singing the "ABC's".

It's a pretty good group of kids. We have one more now, Lindsey.

And can't you just see how much Hanna wants in on the action?


  1. Are they learning or being punished by sitting on the "time out" bench?

  2. I don't know whose house this is, but I LOVE that wall color : ).

  3. Jill matches the wall color very well. What cute friends she has! And what a lucky boy. ;)

  4. Whoops. Haha. Your daughter—not mine. HALLIE'S shirt matches the wall color very well . . .

  5. I remember those kids--from July 4th! I am so excited I know some of Hallie's friends!