Sunday, May 6, 2012

It Is the Recti

When I was pregnant with Hanna, I found out I had an umbilical hernia.  I met with a surgeon, and he recommended surgery when I was done having babies, because he said there was a risk of it re-opening during a subsequent pregnancy, if I were to have more babies.

And indeed, I did have more baby.  Let's spare ourselves the details and just say that it was painful.  If you need more than that, just think that it was a lot more painful than a paper cut, and probably a little less painful than jumping into the Grand Canyon without a net.  So, pain.

In fact, Devin and I decided that it had to stop, and so we were planning on full steam ahead on the surgery, and we would just figure it out if we do decide to have more baby.  (Who knows anymore)  With that in mind I went to talk to my doctor about referring me to a surgeon here in Lincoln.

She was more than happy to do so, and even called and set up the appointment for me.  While I was still at the appointment with her she wanted to clarify a few things for me so I wouldn't be surprised when I met with the surgeon.

Here it is, things I learned that day.  I will pretend that you are asking me the same questions I asked.

1. The insurance company probably won't pay for the hernia surgery.

What?  Why?!

2. Because not only do I have a hernia, I have something called Diastasis Recti.

Come again?

3. Diastasis recti is not uncommon in women who have had more than one pregnancy, and it is not a cause for medical concern.

What is it then?  Good question.

4. Diastasis is: an abnormal separation of parts that are normally joined together.  Recti is in reference to the abdominal muscles.  Click here or here or here if you'd like more information.  Apparently my abdominal muscles have separated from each other and the only thing holding my organs in place is a layer of thin tissue, which in my case also has a hernia bulging through it.

Why won't the insurance pay for it then, it sounds like you are an awesome candidate for surgery!

5. They might not be willing to pay for it because surgery for a diastasis recti is considered a cosmetic surgery only, as there are no medical risks associated with the condition and it can be corrected through exercise.  And since my hernia is connected to the diastasis... I might be out of luck.

So why don't you just exercise then?

6. I do, but I can't do the kinds that would solve this problem because of the hernia.  See how it all comes full circle?

Wish me luck at my appointment.  Maybe the surgeon will have some good insights.


  1. If there is a hernia poking out behind it then get the hernia fixed and not the recti thing. Right? You can't go through that again if you have another baby! It was awful!

  2. Amy! You are tearing my heart out with humor! I am glad that you are at least able to look at this with your normal candor and viv. :) I hope you find a way to get all fixed!

  3. OH boo. The system is horrible. I had a hernia when I was in elementary school. It isn't fun. And, I never had a baby while I had a hernia, so I can't imagine. Crazy! Good luck.

  4. Hope it all gets figured out, and that insurance WILL pay for it!

    Love you!

  5. I wonder if you could meet with a physical therapist to get excercises that you could do to help the separation before surgery? Good luck.

  6. It wont even cover part of it? You would have to pay out right for the surgery? That is just dumb.

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