Tuesday, May 15, 2012

He Said

I met with the surgeon today.

Good news all around, except for one small detail.

I was hoping they could put my iv in after I was asleep, but no.  Apparently the iv is how they administer the sleepy juice, so I will have to be wide awake when they do that.

I am banking on the fact that maybe I just have collapse-y veins when I am in labor, and that all will be fine for this.

I think I might look up my friendly anesthesiologists' name just in case though, maybe get to know him a little so that it won't seem weird when I ask him, as a personal favor, to come to my surgery and put in my iv for me.

Other than that minor detail everything sounded good, and so we're all set for Friday, in a week and a half.

If you find yourself with a spare moment on that day, could you send a little thought my way? I mean, I am not real worried or anything, this is a simple procedure, but you know... just maybe cross your fingers that his hand won't slip?



  1. I'll start praying right now.

  2. Amy,

    I'm completely free that day if you need someone to go with you and hold your hand for the iv or anything else. I also could watch your girls if you need that. Please let me know if you need or want me to do anything.

  3. Maybe they could numb your skin before they put the IV in? And then you could look somewhere else and maybe be distracted? Also, I would seriously request someone who is amazing at that. Nurses who are bad at it really really really stress me out. I totally get where you're coming from. Worst part about hospitals, hands down.

  4. oops, this is alisha again.

  5. I would get my hands on some Lidocaine Cream. I googled it and it's not too hard to find. Just numb yourself up first!

  6. So it's Saturday now . . . How did it go?

  7. When is the surgery? Here are my nurse tips: Drink PLENTY of water up until the time they say no more fluids (the more hydrated you are the easier it is). Then tell the nurse about your major anxiety and then ask for the anesthesiologist to place your IV. When they look offended say, "No seriously, he's the only one that has been able to do it." But also know they don't usually have to do the big needle that they do in labor. (Does that make you feel worse... sorry.)