Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pros and Cons

There are many upsides to having a surgery.  The first thing I noticed was:

- A milkshake whenever I wanted one.

Following along shortly thereafter I noted additional perks:

- A nap whenever I wanted one.
- A life of ease and luxury.
- Getting to play Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo as much as I wanted.
- Friends bringing brownies.
- I haven't changed a single diaper in six full days.

I figured out the downsides pretty quickly too, though.

- It hurts.
- You can't hold your babies
- The pain meds make you take a nap whether you want one or not.
- When you are on these kinds of meds and you get a migraine, you can't take anything else, and it still hurts.
- Mario gets old after you die on the same level ten times in a row because you can't play right.
- Your mother wasn't lying when she said too much ice cream and brownies will make you sick.
- I would gladly change a diaper every hour as a trade off for my own bowel issues being solved.

Here's to getting better soon!


  1. Aww. :( I hope your tummy ache goes away soon. And that you took lots of pictures at the beach today.

    See you soon!!!!

  2. You're a funny gal. Luxury wins!

  3. I hope you feel better quickly. I had a partial hysterectomy when Elise was just 2 months old. It was pretty awful. I feel your pain. I hope you heal soon and get back to feeling like yourself.

  4. I'm glad the surgery went as well as possible and truly do hope you feel better soon!