Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Whenever I post a link to my blog on Facebook, it always wants me to use a thumbnail.  I finally got frustrated enough with that, and I decided to create my own thumbnail. Hence, the new sad little picture of a flower that you see off to the side there.

I showed it to Hallie, and she wanted me to make a flower for her. Then she demanded more! and more!

To keep myself interested I explored all the different brushes the extremely complex PAINT program has to offer.  I present to you, my masterwork.

The brown one was first, and at that time I thought it would be the only one.  Then came the green, then the purple, red, orange, and last was blue.  I think it's pretty clear I came into my skills as the hour progressed, wouldn't you?

Please direct yourself to the link below labeled "Post a Comment" to leave notices of interest for purchasing this item. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  You may also use the link labeled "Post a Comment" to express your admiration for my masterwork at any time.

Thank you.


  1. WOW Amy, there really are no words. You are purely amazing at drawing flowers!!

  2. I can't wait 6-8 weeks. Sorry.

  3. definite improvements on the flowers as you went. if you keep that up you will be the next Monet in a week flat!

  4. Thanks for the flowers, Hallie and Amy. Thanks for a wonderful visit in north Michigan. Love, grandpa H.