Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guess What?

I'll give you three guesses.

Guess #1 - (feel free to insert your own guesses if you don't like my suggestions) Amy ate fish. You're wrong. (And don't ever guess this again.)
Guess #2 - Hallie is potty trained. You're wrong. (But don't I wish.)
Guess #3 - We've been having nice weather lately. You're right, it's been fabulous, but that's not what this is about.

Turns out I have a hernia.

So let's see: Nausea, check. Vomiting, check. Migraines, check. Hernia, check.

What's next, Pregnancy? Bring it on.

They're making an appointment for me to see the surgeon. The two doctors that looked at me today already told me that they most likely won't do anything until after I have the baby (apparently they don't like to do surgery around that area on pregnant women...) so please keep Hallie and I in your prayers that I can be a good mom!


  1. hmmmm so i guess it was a lil more than a cyst.... :) but all will be ok, and amy, you could NEVER be a bad mommy!!! love you! xoxoxo

  2. yikes! hang there and you'll be in my prayers!

  3. I think it came across perfectly. Hint of humor. Dash of irony. And a splash of sympathy. ;)

  4. I'm with Mimi. But don't tempt pregnancy! It'll knock ya on your bum!

    I'm dealing with an awesome bout of nausea today. Stupid morning sickness. It's supposed to be OVER!

  5. Carrie had a hernia when she was pregnant too. They held off on the surgery, and now she's supposed to have it Thanksgiving weekend. You should talk to her about her research and stuff. I'm soooo sorry. I hope you feel better soon, and please call me if/when you want me to watch Haley.