Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oats vs. Brownies

Tonight we had chicken paprikash (a delicious new recipe) which is basically chicken in a paprika sauce with red and green peppers served over noodles. Hallie ate three noodles (plain) and two grapes, and a quarter of a slice of bread. All in all, it was a pretty good meal for her. She also took her vitamins. So, when dessert was out of the oven, brownies, I thought she could have a little piece. So I'm sitting there, eating my brownie, and I give her a little bite, and she eats it, and seems excited about it. She loves brownies.

Then daddy started getting his "dessert" ready. Now I had competition. She loves it when daddy makes his oats. When I say oats, I mean a completely unique to Devin concoction that he created during his undergraduate days when he was hungry and had nothing in the cupboard. It is oats (uncooked) mixed with a little peanut butter, milk, and a little sugar. Yeah, that's it.

So Devin's mixing this up, and I give Hallie another bite of oh so precious fresh out of the oven melt in your mouth delicious brownie. She watches daddy take a bite of his oats, and then marches over to him, and asks for a bite too. With a brownie in one hand, she chooses oats!!

She has a few bites of his oats, and then completely rejects my brownies in favor of his oats.

I'm still crossing my fingers that I can convert her to loving bacon.


  1. Haha. Well, I'm not sure I could ever choose oats over brownies, but his concoction does sound good. I'll have to try it sometime, if I'm lucky. :) Haha. I can't imagine rejecting the brownie though. I'd definitely demand both! Especially if my dinner was that tiny. She's healthy though!!

    And who could resist bacon? :) Has she had it yet?

  2. Kids are weird. Once my mom gave us ice cream for dinner, thinking she'd get a Best Mom award from us...and I said, " this all we get?" I was definitely a vegetables over sweets little girl.

    But no worries. I outgrew that. I'm sure Hallie will too. ;)

  3. No way! No wonder that girl is so skinny. Who'd pass up a brownie?! Well, what can you do. Maybe she'll do marathons like her dad too.

  4. So I guess we lost the brownie battle, but I'll bet we win the bacon war!!! I'll pray for it. ;)

  5. Tough competition. . . . .daddy makes those oats sound so good.

  6. Now I found your blog, too. How exciting.
    You guys have a cute blog!

  7. Ames, I'd be excited. More brownies for the mom! Let her eat her weird oat concoction.