Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Baby

Santa loves me, yes he does.

It is unclear which of us is having the most fun, but I dare say I think it is me.

Devin and I like to give ourselves the big presents early, apparently.

So for the people who like to know details: It is a Schmoller and Mueller.  Don't worry if you've never heard of it, it was a local piano store in downtown Lincoln, I don't know when they went out of business but this particular piano is about 50 years old.  We bought it at a music store that was right next to the Schmoller and Mueller piano company, when they were still in business.  It is the perfect piano for our little sticky-fingered, still- learning- how- to- play family.  Although, since having it I've been playing about an hour every day and if I can say so, I am much better than I thought I was. Merry Christmas!


  1. Got my magnets!! Thank you!! Aidan has already tried to lose one of them, told me "Let's just do without it, Mom" when I asked him to look for it. Punk. :)

    Awesome piano! Michael got ours from some neighbor years ago who'd gotten it from someone who left it outside for who knows how long. He's done a lot of work on it, still needs more work, but the sound is pretty good.

    You're starting Hallie on lessons soon? I was wondering when would be a good age to start Aidan...

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! :) I might *might* get a piano soon. It's up in the air, but one of my friends is moving and trying to decide what to do with theirs. I've kindly offered it a free home. Ha.