Friday, December 16, 2011

Snowman Yoga

Two weeks ago on Saturday we got a couple of inches of fluffy, beautiful snow.  Hallie begged and begged all morning long to go out and play in it.  When we put Hanna down for her nap I talked Devin into taking her out.  I sat on the couch and watched them stomp and romp and finally get down to the business of building snowmen.
This is actually Devin with Hanna, she went out for a few minutes when she woke up.

At first they built just a little baby one.  After that one was done they came inside for Hallie to go potty, and she was very concerned that the little snowman didn't have a mommy.  I told her to tell Daddy he needed to make a mommy snowman for the baby one.  So of course, good man that he is, he built a mommy snowman.

Every morning Hallie and Hanna would check on baby snowman and mommy snowman like their very existences depended on the well being of this little snowman family.  Then one morning, after a warm(ish) night, mommy snowman looked a little different.  The girls were all riled up, until Daddy and I explained that she was just bowing.
Then we had another warm(ish) night and the next morning her forehead was almost touching the ground.  This time I told the girls that the mommy snowman was doing yoga.  She continued to do a downward dog in a more and more extreme position for about a week, until finally one morning we woke up and there was nothing left outside but sticks.  A pile of sticks.  I guess if we go out and pick up those sticks before it snows again we can recycle them when we make our next snowman family.

Much better yoga than I could do, even when I am not in my current physical state of limitations.  Devin was very impressed that she was somehow defying the law of gravity.


  1. There is a children's book called What Snowmen Do At Night that is adorable and is all about the different adventures snowmen have at night and why they look that way in the morning! Check it out!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I talked to Hallie on the phone, when I was at Mimi's. I asked Hallie if she had made a snowman. She replied, "No, two." Now I understand. I've had some discussion about a trip to Neb. to meet Hallie's AND Hanna's new sister. Love, grandpa H.

  3. That is so cute that Halley wanted her snowman to have a mommy.

  4. So cute, Ames. I need to get Hanna's snow pants in the mail pronto! And it is crazy how the snowmom was able to melt in that way for so long without collapsing. Pretty true to form though. Real moms get twisted and turned and tugged in so many directions, I feel like I am that snowmom!