Saturday, December 17, 2011

Child's Play

What they don't tell you about being a stay at home mother is that sometimes it is boring (or am I the only mom who feels that way sometimes?)  When Hallie was old enough to play, but refused to play by herself, I would at times sit down and "play" with her.  But at that age her playing wasn't all that involved, it wasn't all that interesting, and day after day of it, I think you get the picture.
She's older now though, and much more willing to play on her own, and she loves imagining and playing pretend.  She comes up with the craziest stories, and she gets involved in the most intricate role playing scenarios.  And as she has grown up her favorite type of playing also happens to be what I enjoyed playing most when I was a little girl.  That's why, even though I made this for Hallie, it's usually me that ends up playing with it most.
 Here you can see the fire truck on its way to save the day, and the pig on his way to the market. Bacon. Nice.  You can see the parking lots I made, and the various buildings we have in our town, usually an assortment of grocery stores, schools, houses, etc.
 Here you can see in the corner the swimming pool, which Paula Purple is driving home from, right next to the lake and beach with fish (that's my favorite).
Here's the farm, probably where the pig was born and raised.  I need to get more farm animals... that horse looks kind of lonely.

They usually have a zoo set up too, but we didn't get to that this time.  Excuse their jammies, I was so excited to play I didn't even get them dressed until after...

Who knows what we'll come up with next!

Thanks Pinterest! (I got the idea from here.)


  1. I saw these at your house the other day! I love them. I may or may not have convinced Bryson to get new jeans so I could use his old ones for this...

  2. first of all, i have to say that i get bored with their games too. but this year minnie is getting play food for christmas and i am so excited to play with it!! so i totally hear you. and also, i love love love love love that pig on the way to the market. I LOVE IT.

  3. Those road pieces are so cute! and I love the felt lake and swimming pool. Adorable I would have loved this as a child.

  4. That is so cute, Ames! Are the roads made out of old pairs of jeans?

  5. That town looks like a fun place to live. It takes me back to one of my favorite places when I was 5. We had a small hill , 3 or 4 ft. diameter, and 1 ft. high, in our yard. (We didn't have any grass in our yard, no water for grass, except where the cows could eat it.) My brothers and I made roads over and around the hill. Our cars were small medicine bottles. We were so excited when Mom emptied a new cough syrup bottle, or ... we had a new race car to play with. Love Grandpa H