Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When I Think About

When I think about my friend Al, I think about Jon Bon Jovi and singing along to the instrumental songs on the Lion King soundtrack.  I think about lobster and Old Soakers and the sound of the ocean.  I think about delphinium and watering chickens.  When I think about Al, my best friend from high school, I think about fireplaces and Frosh and cold frosty nights.  I think about long cozy naps, and making Bubble jam.  I think about eating doughnuts in a mad frenzied panic because we've crossed the wrong bridge in New York City, and that mistake costs us 9 dollars in tolls.  (Thank you ever so much Throgs Neck Bridge. May I never see you again.) 

When I think about my friend Al I think about loyalty, kindness, and how much a few simple truths can change a life.  When I think about her I think about courage and determination and never giving up.  I think about a purple pig on top of my fridge, and how it already (I repeat already!) has seven cents in it.  Here we go!

Thanks for coming to visit me. I love you.


  1. I love Al. When I think about Al, I think about Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and motorcycles and cute boys and dancing in the rain in Maine and how awesome life is because I know Al.

  2. Awww this post is so sweet!! I am honored to have a post about me! I love you! And I loved getting to see all of you!!

    7 cents!? I do believe we are on our way!! :)

  3. When I think about Al I think about driving to early morning seminary, someone who is willing to make friends with the shiest girl in the grade, and the courage to follow your heart.

    Love Hallie's Christmas dress! She looks good. :) I had forgotten about that pretty dress.

    I am glad you had such a fun visit.

  4. Love the impromptu joining in of memories, so here's mine:

    When I think about AlShad, "old bag" comes to mind. I think of one of the greatest laughs I've ever heard in my life. YOU know what laugh I'm talking about! (And the two of you TOGETHER?! Don't get me started.) I think of someone who I've never gotten to know that well, yet someone who I still feel like I love and can always have a great conversation with.

    Love you, Al

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