Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hallie's Talk

We've been staying after church for a couple of hours every week the past few Sundays while Devin does tithing settlement.  I realize that I could come home with the girls, but it seems to me that they are easier to entertain when there is a huge gym with basketballs, and rooms to explore, and drinking fountains, than at home with their same old same old dolls and whatnot.  So we stay.

Hallie likes to stand at the pulpit in the seminary room and give talks.  I managed to write down this one as she gave it last Sunday:

Thanks for my heart because it helps me think of my brain.
When it comes to love you can see again.
Don't ever cry over toys, just always say please.
On Tuesday we go to church and then on Monday we will be taken to heaven.

The only part about this that makes me nervous is that I really do go to church on Tuesdays, twice actually, in the morning for Music Makers and in the evening for activities with the young women...

what if this is an "out of the mouths of babes" type thing?


  1. Better repent now I guess. This is truly awesome though. I'm glad you wrote it down.

  2. I'll be thinking about you on Monday, be careful.

    It is a pretty cool talk though

  3. LOVE it! :) Jill sat down at the Whitney's piano today and starting pretending to play it and singing a song she made up about baby Jesus and Henry. Pretty cute. :)

  4. Well, sometimes we can't see very far into the future. Maybe, sometimes, children can. We adults with poor vision will just have to "roll with the punches." Accept what comes, and be grateful that we couldn't see very far ahead. We'd be nervous wrecks if we could see ahead. Let's walk by faith, and when necessary, let's let our little ones lead us. Love, grandpa H.