Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Believe in Someday.

One of Devin's colleagues enjoys taking pictures, and has an entire studio-like setup in his basement.  He and his wife invited us over for lunch and to have family pictures taken.  Given that we are so bad at taking pictures of ourselves, how could we pass up this opportunity? Not to mention the fact that they are from Sri Lanka, and the food was fantastic and delicious.  I've been craving it ever since...

I never really saw the pictures that he took, because not only are we bad at taking pictures we are bad at printing them, looking at them, cherishing them, etc.  But I found them today! And some are kind of funny.  I present you, Rose Family circa Spring 2011.

 Waiting for Mommy to be ready, or something.
 I'm really not sure what I'm so excited about.
If only Hallie smiled like this for all pictures, we'd be set.  Hanna is finally looking less bored with life too!

Someday we'll try again to take family pictures. And someday I just know we'll have a good one.
Someday.  I really believe in it.

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  1. You will have a good one someday! And really you've had lots of awesome ones, but I know what you mean. :) This reminds me of how many hours your Christmas one last year took. Haha.