Saturday, April 16, 2011


I decided yesterday that women spend at least 90% of their lives waiting.  (The algorithm used to come to this statistic is more an equation of emotional, rather than mathematical origin.)

As children we wait for the things that all children do:

We wait for summertime to come so we can go swimming.
We wait for winter to come so we can go sledding, and Christmas!
We wait for Halloween so we can go trick or treating.
We wait for the Fourth of July so we can watch the fireworks.

But as women we really set ourselves apart in the waiting department when we grow up.
We wait for someone to ask us out on our first date.
We wait for someone to ask us out again.
We wait for someone to ask us to marry them.
We wait nine months (or much, much, much, much longer) to have children.
We wait for husbands to come home from work.
We wait at our doctor's appointments, and those of our children.
We wait while our children try to figure out how to make a number two on the potty.
We wait for the bread to rise.
We wait for the water to boil.
We wait for the flowers in our yard to bloom.
We wait for the mail to come.

We wait and we wait and we wait.


  1. ugh. waiting. sometimes, i feel like its such a waste of time. but i guess it allows us to practice patience and faith. but still can be super frustrating.

  2. I feel you! I whole heartedly agree with the FACT of 90%... sigh... sometimes I think I should make those who make me wait, wait... but then I think, I hate waiting, I won't do that to someone else! oh and those babies... they make us wait far to long to meet their tiny faces :D

  3. Waiting to visit you at Easter!

  4. Well, those first three (dating and marriage related), we don't have to wait for if we don't want. If you want to ask a guy out, ask away! I actually know a large number of women who did the proposing of marriage.

    Otherwise, yes, life involves a lot of waiting.

  5. *sigh* MamaB will be at your house for Easter? I wanna come. blah. life. more waiting to come see you...

  6. Amen for waiting for husbands to come home.

    Right now when Jeff or I say, "patience is a . . . " Jill will say "gift from God." Well, she's supposed to. It usually sounds more like "gi of God." But she's tryin'! :)

    And yay for waiting! Because that's when most of my good thinking happens.

    I would add (and I'll feel dumb if it's already on your list), waiting for enough minutes to go by for me to take Daniel off or waiting for Daniel to stop nursing. I spend my life nursing right now. (It feels like.) Ha.