Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I think I have every one of those chicken soup for the soul books. I certainly have books one, two, three and four.  I also have chicken soup for the pet lover's soul.  I even bought myself Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul, and didn't figure it out until halfway through what Golden** meant.  I think that one is one of my favorites though.

We got to have Devin's parents here for a few days last week, and as I watched them with the girls it seems to me that grandparents are chocolate chip cookies for the soul.

 And they are great for helping with yard work.

**Apparently a Golden soul is a soul that occupies a body that has lived on this earth for 65 years or longer.  (According to the chicken soup people.)


  1. Thank




    (And Golden Souls.)

    (And Devin's dad looks amazing in the sweatshirt. Did he take it home with him?)

    (My mouth hurts.) :(

  2. Ooooh, another goal to become a Golden soul. Mimi, hope your mouth feels better really soon!

    Those grandparents sure look like a tough act to follow!

  3. I think my husband has a Golden soul from birth :)

    (For those of you reading this and thinking huh? His name is Golden)

  4. Ames, you are my living, breathing noodle soup for the soul. I just love you, woman!

    That sounded kinda weird there with the living, breathing soup thing, but I hope you know what I meant.

    It means that I like you.

  5. At our Y, they have activities that are labeled Gold and Silver for different age groups. :)

  6. At first I was like, "oooh Zumba—gold!" Sounds exciting. Haha.