Sunday, April 24, 2011


I love what spring says to me.

And just in case you aren't sure what it is saying, I will translate for you.

 Don't give up.

 It's never too late.

 It will be ok.

 You can do it!

 Don't worry.

 Life is good.

Try, try again.

 Peace, be still.

I hope you had a nice Easter.  If you want some good Easter reading, these are my favorite two things to read at Easter.  Favorite One. Favorite Two.  Enjoy.


  1. I wish my plants said things like that.

  2. Are those flowers already from your house? I didn't think it had already gotten that warm for you.

  3. nice garden amy!! i love spring as well.

  4. Thanks for choosing such beautiful pictures! We had such a great visit, althought it was way too short. Looking forward to July!

  5. I think they're also saying things to me like: "don't be jealous of Amy's yard" but it's not working.