Monday, April 11, 2011


Back when I wrote my post about BRAGGing, I was working on a baby blanket for my little nephew.  I must admit that I have little knowledge and less experience with sewing in general, so most of my success at sewing in the past should be attributed to enthusiasm, a never-quit attitude, and having many people in my life who do know how to sew.  AND just so you know that I am not dealing in false modesty here, last week I tried to make a surprise pair of pajama bottoms for Devin. What I got was yoga pants for me. Incredibly ugly yoga pants.  It's not good.

That said, I wanted to make this blanket for my nephew and I thought it would be so simple. It was just one panel of fabric, that I would sew onto a length of brown fabric, bring the brown over the top to bind, and then quilt it somehow. I wasn't too worried about the details of the quilting part, in my typical gung-ho fashion I just went ahead and did the part I knew how to do and thought I'd figure out the other details later. By which I mean I'd show it to someone who knows how to do these kinds of things and have them give me suggestions for how to finish it.

So that's what I did. I sewed it up all nice and tight and then just had to figure out a way to quilt it.  The top was mostly green and blue with jungle animals in the middle, and the bottom was brown. I didn't want to quilt it in squares or anything like that because of the animals, and I am not confident about free hand quilting on my machine.  And that's how I ended up quilting it with invisible thread by hand.  And that's why when it was done it was so hard to give it away.  Have you ever made something by hand that you are ridiculously happy with, and then had to give it away? 

If you don't know I love you by now little sis, there's nothing more I can do for you.
 I put my initials and the year on, so that when it is displayed in a museum 100 years from now I will be famous.  This is how I plan to live forever.
The animals on that blanket match the animals on this blanket. Am I too much, or am I too much?


  1. I am sooooo impressed! Very cute!

  2. Great work!!! I love the invisible thread idea... I'm Always trying to think of some way to quilt without tainting the print I chose for the blanket... You've solved it for me you crafty mamma you :) It's adorable I can see why it was hard to part with :)

  3. VERY cute!!! Great job, chica!

  4. What a great picture of Hanna!

    And I feel very, very loved!

    I took some pictures of the kids with it that I need to send your way.

  5. Sometimes I feel like if I don't get a chance to brag about something from time to time I'll go insane. I find that without my mom and best friends around, I have to toot my own horn! Ha ha. Excellent work, Ames.