Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We're Here

We've been here almost a week now.  Devin had his first day at work today, I hope it went well.  Hallie and Hanna have been sick, so that's a new Mommy challenge for me.  I've had a prayer for patience running continually through my head all day.

How do I feel about our new home?  Well, it's hard to say, I think there is still too much going on for me to sort through how I really feel, but I do know that I am glad we are here in our new home!

So, until I have more pictures or something interesting to say, here is a little something fun from when we were unpacking:

The shocking conclusion:


  1. what an excellent skill to have.

    can't wait to see more of what the place looks like!

  2. Very impressive Deevs. :)

    Jill couldn't see the screen, but she got really happy when she heard you talking and then when she heard Hallie laugh, she laughed, too. Aww. We miss you guys.

    Come on babies! Get better soon! Mommy needs a break!!

  3. Love the action video of the move--pretty slinky daddy there. . . . .

  4. I love Hallie's reaction. She loves her daddy!

  5. Amy, I am sorry to hear your girls are sick. My 2 are sick here, so I feel your pain, but we're not trying to move in at the same time. I never got to say good-bye to you. So, BYE! Thanks for being a great VT. I will still keep in touch by blogging!