Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Already Saw Her

I just got back from a run. 

a. because I needed to get out of the house by myself
b. to show the sun how much I appreciated it before it disappears again for a week
3. because I have seven pounds I wish I had left in Peoria
4. because I am  not helping myself lose those seven pounds since all I ate today was cereal, saltine crackers, and brownies.  (clearly, we haven't gone shopping yet, but we just got our fridge yesterday.  We'll get there.)
e. I sort of like to exercise.

But that's not the story. 

So I'm running and I go past these two little girls riding bikes.  One says hi to me.  I finish going around the block, stretch, and decide I didn't hate it so much that I can't go again.

I start off again, and am going past the same two little girls.  Just as I slip past, one little girl says, in complete disdain, "We already saw her."  The other girl quickly responded, "Well, she likes to exercise."

Yeah right.  Refer back to explanation e.

And yet, even though I truly hate it at times, I also thoroughly enjoy it.  Hard to explain, but true.


  1. kids are hilarious. The weather is beautiful here too and I've been pushing that 30lb stroller with 44 pounds of boys up that hill to campus. It's a workout, but I kind of love it too.

  2. Oh man. I'm right there with you...I definitely have that love hate relationship with exercise as well. But definitely not with food. We have similar eating habits :)

  3. a. I feel that.

    b. Yay for a fridge!!!

    3. Little kids are so funny.

    4. I'm really excited to hear that there are little kids in your neighborhood. I hope you find some more that are closer to Hallie and Hanna's ages.

    e. I wish I could share my sunshine with you. (Please don't share your snow.) :)

  4. Sadly, i am not sure i ever really enjoy exercising. Running especially. Maybe it could be argued that i somehow feel accomplised by getting out there, it??? not even sort of. but i still do it, so that is something, right??

  5. Glad the sun was around for a short time anyway. There is hope for spring. . . . .sounds like you have some families close by!

  6. You can run by me any time you want... I won't complain...

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with exercise too. I usually love it once I start but I make myself believe I hate it anytime before starting.