Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My sister emailed me the pictures she had, so here's a taste.  I am still holding out hope that I'll find the charger for our camera battery, so we'll see about that.

Me, my sister, my friend Amanda.

My sister's daughter, Jill, and of course, Hallie.
See how hard she's trying to smile?  She really does have a normal smile, but for some reason when the camera is on she really struggles.  This is her, trying her best to smile for the camera.

Good times, reading.


  1. I love how much Hallie struggles to smile. it cracks me up actually! lol.

  2. I sure hope Jill and Hallie enjoy reading as much as you and I did! :)

    And you'd better post the pictures of Hallie playing on her new swing set!!! (Or at least that one.)

  3. Love it! Aurora seems to love books which makes Jared and I happy...maybe we will have a family of bookworms. Are you reading "Impossible"?

  4. I knew you were reading Impossible because of the cover. I know you can't really see much of the cover in the pic...it's just something I can do since I'm addicted to books. I seriously have a problem.