Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happiness Is...

an armful of babies,

 being treated like a queen,

 having a "park" in your own backyard,

a good solid nap,

meeting and welcoming new members of the family, 
having someone to share the cool cart with,

owning your own home,
spending time with family.

What is your happiness?


  1. Oooh, I like the new blog background. And I'm going to have to agree with everything that you mentioned. Those definitely all make me happy. :)

  2. My happiness is getting at least 4 hours of sleep in a row, hearing Annibelle laugh, taking a walk in the warm sun on a cool day, baking goodies to share with others, having a clean house, having an entire day to spend with my husband where he doesn't have to work. , (that is very rare). Happiness is the thought of living in a better location someday, and the dreams that accompany that hope. Happiness is getting to find out the gender of your baby months before he/she is due so you can dream and prepare for them! Happiness is also in having that baby and not being pregnant any more. <3

  3. Your house is so beautiful!!! I can't wait to see what kind of damage that little play house sees this summer. haha! I'm glad you saw my update too! I wasn't sure if you'd check back or not, and I realized that I hadn't posted that info...So I thought I'd update for all to see! haha.

    Oh..and cuddling makes me happy! :)

  4. I too have found happiness in sharing a cool cart with someone. I've been meaning to put up pics of the boys in the huge Sam's cart.

    I find happiness in my smash-bang, rock-your-socks-off-friend Amy!

  5. This made me cry with Happiness. I love you so much friend and I love reading your blog. For all the not-thinking you do about your life, it sure is thoughtful!