Sunday, September 22, 2013


Devin was hoping to do an ultramarathon this fall, so he wrote himself a training schedule and got to work.  As it turns out, he won't be able to do the ultramarathon, but as usual he will be doing the Market to Market.  I am sad to miss it this year, but am hoping to talk friends into doing it with me next year!  I am also hoping that I will be faster next time...

My soccer coach used to "motivate" us for our sprints and other drills by yelling these phrases at us.  Devin asked me to print them off so he can display them in the workout room.  So, for any fellow Muncie Central High soccer alumni, please enjoy.  For the rest of you, did you ever have a coach yell "motivational" words at you?


  1. Haha. I remember you telling me about these motivational phrases that Murray would say. I tell myself things like:

    You CAN do this!
    You are worth it!
    Just keep going. It only 30 more seconds. You KNOW you have 30 more seconds in you!

    I give you full permission to use these as well. ;)

    1. Also, let us never forget "Don't smash your face".

  2. Oh gosh. I miss soccer days with Murray. Except for the pain part.

    You should totally add: "Keep going. Don't fall. Don't pee." Totally motivational.

  3. My coach wasn't super wordy. I got hands flapping toward the wall as he looked at his stop watch (I was a swimmer). But every once and a while he would yell 'GO' or 'PULL' or 'PUSH' when I came up for breath. This was rare and therefore very inspiring. "wow, coach is yelling at me! he cares!"