Sunday, September 29, 2013

And then, because:Updated

(I made Devin look at this post and try to figure out which baby was in each picture, and he couldn't do it.  So, kudos to you Al!!  You got them all right, so let me know if you want skittles.  I'm impressed!)

Seeing all those old pictures made me want to look at old pictures, you know how that goes?

And I stumbled on a picture of Hallie that I thought was lost forever in the big computer crash of '09, (as opposed to the little computer crash of '12).  I don't know if my sister had it and sent it to me, or where it was dredged up from (possibly the same place as the mysterious and curious pictures from the last post?)

When I saw that picture I immediately, of course, wanted to compare pictures of all my babies in their just-born-state.  Which led me to pictures of me with my brand new just born babies, and I marveled at the differences in each picture.

Can you tell who is who?  If you guess right, I'll put some skittles in the mail in an envelope with your name on it.  Promise.

Baby and Me #1:Heather

Baby and Me #2: Hallie

Baby and Me #3:Hanna

My Baby #1: Hanna

My Baby #2:Heather

My Baby #: Hallie

Can you tell they are sisters?


  1. Oh bleah. I want to cheat. Okay, I won't cheat. I will try to remember and guess.

    Baby and Me #1: Heather
    Baby and Me #2: Hanna
    Baby and Me #3: Hallie
    My Baby #1: Heather
    My Baby #2: Hanna
    My Baby #3: Hallie

    I feel like I should switch up the order, because no way you would put it in the same order for both sets of pictures, but I am going with my gut. I wonder how I did.

    1. Did you go peek after you guessed to see how you did?

    2. I didn't go peek, but based on Al's response, it looks like I got two right! :) I knew Heather, because you were in a queen size bed. And I knew Hallie's baby picture, because she was the first Boling grandbaby, and I just remembered it. The middle four pictures were all guesses, and apparently I'm bad at that. Ha.

  2. Heather


  3. Haha!!! Yeeeeeesss! As for the skittles, I think we can work something out in, say 2 weeks. ;)

    1. Just watch out for those red skittles . . . ;)