Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stories of Us

Hallie loves her kindergarten teacher.  She also loves making crafts and pictures and anything with crayons and glue and scissors.  She was covering me in little art projects, so in desperation I suggested she make one for her teacher.  She finished it today and was showing it off to Hanna.

"Look what I made, Hanna! It's a love note that I made because I made it!  See look, I made it out of paper because paper is what I used and then I folded it like this and then I glued this flower on and I wrote a message on the inside.  See how I made it?"
I have no idea where she learned the phrase "love note", but I'm sure her teacher has NEVER gotten one of those before. (yes, sarcasm)

Hanna and Hallie sometimes have the funniest conversations in the backseat.  Sometimes it is peaceful and friendly, sometimes not.  One day I overheard:
Hanna - "Hallie, are you asleep?"
Hallie - "No, I'm not asleep."
Hanna -"Mommy, Hallie is asleep."
Hallie - "Hanna, I said I was NOT asleep."
Hanna - "It's ok Hallie, I told mom you were asleep."
Hallie - "But Hanna, I'm NOT! I'm awake!!"
Hanna - "Shhh, Hallie, you're asleep."

Heather is learning new words every day, and discovering new expressions she can make with her face.  She has also learned that her sisters think it is funny when she is naughty, which encourages her to be naughty all the time.  What makes it really hard is that sometimes I also think she is funny when she is being naughty.  Why do these little people have to be so ridiculously cute?

 Yep, we're all just trying to make it through each day around here.

These nice pictures make it look like it all must be so easy, don't they?


  1. Love, love, love. Love the pictures and love the stories.

    And it is SO HARD when they are funny while being naughty.

    That conversation between Hallie and Hanna in the car was hilarious. I'm glad you wrote it down. And Hallie's description of the love note was pretty fantastic, too.

  2. Haha! Great stuff. I want a "love note" from Hallie!

    Hanna is hilarious with her "It's okay, Hallie, I told mom you were asleep." lol!

    And I'm still not over those little pigtails. Love them!

    I am basically just in love with you and your kids. Yep!

  3. Haha, LOVE the story. :) Their logic is just the most amusing thing sometimes! "Shh, you're asleep," haha. LOVE it.

    My branch president's wife started having all her kids e-mail her all the funny things THEIR kids say, and she puts together a book of quotes and art projects at the end of the year. (I can't remember if everyone gets one, or if it's just a special book to keep at Grandma's house.) But it's got some GREAT material, I must say lol! I know you've said you like lists, so I hope you're keeping record of these great conversations.